Tara with land animals


Egg-laying hen with her baby chick in front of Tibetan Buddhist temple or stupa

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Why being vegetarian is not enough as a Buddhist practitioner

For Buddhists on the path to enlightenment, embracing veganism is not idealism but a logical step. It aligns teachings with actions, ending the cycle of violence toward farmed animals and fostering a kinder world for the benefit of all sentient beings.

White lotus


Lodro Denpa to Geshe Loden: Compassion in action

Lodro Denpa’s compassionate act of saving a yak inspires us to reflect on our relationship with all sentient beings. Going vegan, a transformative step aligned with Bodhichitta, extends our compassion to animals, aligning our actions with Buddhist principles and fostering a more harmonious existence for all.

Lodro Denpa and a Tibetan yak
Endless knot (white)


Exploring the intersection of Buddhist practice and the urgency of Black Lives Matter

Originally published on Instagram, this post explores the convergence of Buddhist teachings and the need to address systemic racism. It calls for integrating Dharma principles with active support for Black Lives Matter, emphasising the importance of acknowledging privilege and taking meaningful action.

Person sitting on lotus meditating on racial harmony


Thumbnail image of Yoga of the Inconceivable

Yoga of Inconceivable

Vajrayana visualisation of Yoga of the Inconceivable

Thumbnail image of Green Tara smiling

Green Tara

Green Tara marked by syllables OM AH HUM, which radiate out toward and bless your continuum

Thumbnail image of the Inner Offering

Inner Offering

Vajrayana visualisation of the inner offering as featured in HYT sadhanas

Silhouetted image of Vajradharma
Silhouetted image of Maitreya
Silhouetted image of Lama Je Tsong Khapa
Silhouetted image of Shakyamuni Buddha

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