Tara with sky animals


Thumbnail image of Yoga of the Inconceivable

Yoga of Inconceivable

Vajrayana visualisation of Yoga of the Inconceivable

Thumbnail image of Green Tara smiling

Green Tara

Green Tara marked by syllables OM AH HUM, which radiate out toward and bless your continuum

Thumbnail image of the Inner Offering

Inner Offering

Vajrayana visualisation of the Inner Offering as featured in HYT sadhanas

Yamantaka nine faces

Nine Faces

The nine faces of Lord Vajrabhairava animated

Guru Vajradhara

Guru Vajradhara

Guru Vajradhara marked by syllables OM AH HUM, which radiate out toward and bless your continuum

Vajrayogini putting on the armour

Putting on
the Armour

Putting on the armour as practiced in Vajrayogini sadhana

Thought of the Day

Be fixed on your actions,
be they great or small.
Lead a blameless life and
speak kindly to all.

– Mahaparinirvana Sutra

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Coming soon! I look forward to making videos over on YouTube, a mix of guided meditations and little Gen Z-esque musings about the dharma.

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Endless knot icon made to look like the leaves of a plant

Solitary Realiser

Dharmachakra or dharma wheel with the vegan symbol in the centre


Lotus icon with vegan symbol in centre
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